Best D.I.Y. Hair Treatment Videos On YouTube

Considering that Singapore is a place where almost everyone are into the latest hair trends and styles, there is no wonder that it’s a place where you can find the best salons and companies who offer the best hair treatment in Singapore. But if you are the type of person who prefer to get a hair treatment at home rather than going outside to get a good Singapore hair treatment, then maybe you can look into these videos on YouTube and try suggestions from these popular online users. The videos below are rated according to searches.

DIY: Hair Treatment for Dry/Damaged Hair by SMLx0

If you are dealing with dry or damaged hair, then the beautiful Megan, also known as SMLx0, is here to help us with this problem. With over five hundred thousand subscribers on her page, you can say that her beauty, skincare and hair care advice are worth trying. What’s great about it is that she has this detailed tutorial and all you have to do is follow the instructions and even gives you expectations just in case you are trying them. According to Megan, she used natural ingredients like organic unrefined coconut oil and organic honey to have those lovely locks.

DIY Hair Mask for Hair Growth & Damaged Hair

The funky and pretty Spankie Valentine has created her UrbanOG channel for all things fashion, fabulous and fun. Her YouTube channel is just a part of her online ‘empire’, as she also has her official website where she regularly gives away tons of stuff f especially for girls. On this video, you can choose from 2 amazing combinations for hair DIY masks, with the other one being made with avocado, an egg and yogurt. You might think it’s a bit unusual and even gross, but she swears by it that it will actually do wonders for your hair. As stated in her video’s description, her hair recipes are there to repair damage, control frizz, moisturize and have that deep conditioning that your hair badly needs.

DIY: Hair Growth Treatment

Andrea’s YouTube channel has a whopping number of more than two million subscribers and her videos are like watching a part music video and part tutorial. It’s amazing how she is able to have almost six hundred thousand views with her DIY hair growth treatment, using nothing else but onions. Her video tutorial is really simple that you might think you’re gonna need it for cooking. But despite the weird act of running through your scalp with onion juice, it actually helped a lot of her viewers.

These are just some of the options, but it’s always still best to take a word from advice from the real experts, most especially if you want to have a good hair treatment in Singapore. Being experimental is not that bad, though, so feel free to do it according to your preference.