Life is Good in France

Is life back home just not as good as it was before? Are you struggling to provide a meal to your family? Leave your old life behind and take a new start in the great trenches of France.

Look at these conditions! Soldiers in the trenches are wearing the finest cotton to stay warm and we know how much lice love heat, and they're waiting for us! Be sure to bring your diseases and family with you so our population will be booming.

There's no need to worry about losing your home here, closely quartered soldiers means you can choose whoever you wish to be your host. The muddy and unclean conditions of the trenches provide the ideal location for you to relocate or even take a vacation. Want to go even farther than France? Soldiers fighting the war in trenches are from all over! Germany, England, United States, you name it and all you'll need to do is tag along on a uniform and you'll be on your way!

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