• The world wide web begins
  • AOL launches its instant messenger chat


  • 42% of American adults have used a computer
  • Worlds first website goes live
  • Tim Berners-Lee makes the first Web browser WorldWideWeb
  • Archie, the first tool to search the internet is invented


  • The first webcam is used to watch coffee being brewed


  • The term "surfing the internet" is coined and popularized
  • The first photo is posted on the internet
  • The line-mode browser launches. It is the first readily accessible browser on the World Wide Web


  • CERN places its World Wide Web in the public domain, donating it to the world
  • Marc Andreessen proposes the IMG HTML tag to allow the display of images on the Web.


  • 11 million Americans are "equipped to ride the information superhighway"
  • One of the first web purchases are made at Pizza Hut
  • Yahoo is created
  • The first banner ad appears for hotwired.com
  • Two lawyers post the first massive, commercial spam message with the subject "Green Card Lottery-Final One?"


  • 18 million Americans are online but only 3% of them have signed on to the World Wide Web
  • Amazon.com opens for business
  • Craigslist is started by Craig Newmark
  • Match.com, the worlds fist dating site launches
  • Entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar launches eBay
  • Chris Lamrecht is the first person to become banned from the internet by a judicial degree
  • Netscape IPO starts the gold rush mentality for web startups
  • Microsoft releases Windows 95 and the first version of Internet Explorer


  • 77% of online users send or receive email at least once every few weeks, up from 65% from 1995
  • Nokia releases the first cellphone with internet capabilities
  • HoTMaiL launches as one of the world's first Webmail services, its name a reference to the HTML internet language used to build webpages
  • The Dancing Baby becomes the worlds first viral video


  • Millions "visit mars-on the internet", where they can watch the Soujourner rover landing and exploration of Mars
  • Netflix launches as a company that sends DVDs to homes via mail
  • GoDaddy launches
  • Google.com registers as a domain
  • John Barger is the first person to use the term "Weblog'


  • 20% of Americans get news from the internet at least once a week, up from 4% from 1997
  • AOL launches AOL 4.0
  • Oxford Dictionary adds, "spam" and "digerati"
This is what spam is...


  • Pew Research Center tests online polling with mixed results
  • 41% of adults are using the internet
  • MP3 downloading service Napster launches
  • Yahoo! acquires GeoCities for $3.6 billion


  • 43% of internet users say they would miss going online “a lot,” up from 32% in 1995
  • 48% of internet users – have purchased a product online
  • 32% of internet users send e-greeting cards


  • 3% of internet users got their news about the 9/11 attack online
  • The average internet user spends 83 minutes online
  • Jimmy Wales launches Wikipedia


  • 55 million people go online for work
  • Facebook takes over Friendster.com
  • Microsoft launches Xbox live


  • Apple launches iTunes music store with 200,000 songs at 99 cents each
  • Skype launches
  • MySpace.com is launched and is quickly adopted by musicians seeking to share their music and expand their fan base


  • Mozilla releases Firefox 1.0
  • Social news website Digg launches
  • World Of Warcraft launches

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