Terry Baltes Lends His Expertise To Your Commercial Property Auction Purchase

Increasingly, commercial property sellers are turning to the auction process for their commercial property turnover. Auctions are now used around the world to sell high end items, such as art and jewelry, and the auction process now caters to quality real estate. The seller is likely to have several motivations: the desire to sell with speed, the need to be certain of the purchase by a specified date, or a need by the seller to control the terms of the sale. Baltes Commercial Real Estate is experienced in today’s complicated and sophisticated auction sales process, and is anxious to assist the commercial buyer with representation which eliminates the fear of the unknown, and maximizes the benefits to the buyer.

Today’s commercial real estate auction forums include the online auction, where bidders participate electronically from computer. The open outcry webcast allows bidders to see and hear the auctioneer and location as they bid online from computer. The sealed bid forum allows potential purchasers to send a purchase and sales agreement with earnest money prior to the bidding deadline. These modern approaches are further complicated by different methodologies.

Partnering with the professionals at Terry Baltes Commercial Realty to act as representatives in this process, assures the potential buyer has protected access to the sale, and professionals who will assure the maximum value for the desired property. For maximum purchase value with a minimum of complications, Terry Baltes is the realtor to call for the commercial real estate auction purchase.