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Curriculum Focus

Learning Goal...

  • A learning goal identifies what students will learn or be able to do as a result of instruction, separate from what they do to demonstrate learning.
  • They must be posted in your classroom written in child friendly language, along with your daily target (objective).

Why is this Important?

  • There is a body of research that indicates when students are clear about their learning goal, a goal that describes the intended learning, they perform significantly better than those who are given goals that focus on task completion.
  • Making the intended learning clear, substitutes a learning goal mindset for their activity-oriented way of thinking.
  • It focuses the attention to learning by helping them understand that the assignment is the means to the learning.
  • Begin with the End in Mind:)

Learning Goals are NOT Daily Objectives (Targets)....

Learning goals tend to focus on learning that takes 3-10 weeks to master.  Not everything that will be learned is expressed in learning goal. Not every fact and detail students are asked to know is tracked via scales.

Connecting Learning Goals WITH scales...

Learning goals are tied explicitly to measurable behavior or set of behaviors that are supported by an accompanying scale......remember you learned this at your summer inservice.

Remember that the scales (4.0-0.0) are posted in your classroom. The target for every scale is a 3.0.  A level 4.0 is taking the standards and working at a DOK 4 (more complex).

Learning Goal with Scales...

  • Provide a clear learning progression of what a student should understand and and/or be able to do.
  • Represent an explicit set of criteria used for assessing and monitoring progress toward a learning goal.

Important Information


This Week....

Monday: Panhandle Educator will be here to give us breakfast:)

Tuesday: New teachers meeting at 2:30 in my office

Wednesday:  LLT Meeting

Thursday: Health screening; IPDP Training with McCallister in Media Center at 2:15

Friday: Leader of the Month...pick one girl and one boy to eat on the stage with administration; P.E- Snow Cone Day

Coming Up...

Monday 9/29: 12-2 I will be signing books for the Book Fair

Tuesday 9/30:

Wednesday 10/1:  

Thursday 10/2: Leader Landing; MTSS Team A

Friday 10/3: Leader Landing; MTSS Team B

Reflection Question

How are you going to celebrate when a student moves up on the scale?


Remember what Husfelt sent you......PLCs are a valuable learning process which will address these discrepancies and gaps in student learning that we are experiencing. We are “Learning by Doing.” The goal of PLCs is to bring about collaborative and professional conversations centered around standards-based learning; common assessments aligned to standards; data driven dialogue that results in modified instruction, reteaching, reassessing, and enrichment for students.

       Participating in your grade level PLC, SPLASH PLC and SLT PLC is not an option. If you are confused by my expectations, please come see me and I will clarify.

Thursday grade level PLC's were AMAZING!!!! Grades 1st-3rd all started out their meeting going over their Norms and all used the protocol (I notice and wonder).

After analyzing their Common Assessment using the Item Analysis Data Sheet to guide the discussion.......this is some of the things the grade levels noticed and wondered....

1st Grade

The majority of their students missed questions 12 and 23 (both were comparing part part whole). The teachers decided to reteach this skill and then create a short assessment to give afterwards to see if they have learned the skill. The teachers also did some self-reflection and shared many different strategies to teach this skill.  GREAT WORK!!


The majority of their students missed questions 3, 5, 10. One teacher pointed out that these questions had grammar embedded into the question, unlike last year where the grammar was a separate test. One of the teachers had a high percentage pass the assessment and when asked why, he said, " I started with the assessment to guide my instruction. I was beginning with the end in mind. The grade level decided to make this assessment formative and reteach the skill.  DATA totally DROVE the decision!!

3rd grade

The majority of their students missed questions  4 & 13. They looked to see if the questions were a "right there" question and it wasn't. This question was a DOK 2 , but on a skill that has not been taught yet. The grade level thought the other question was unfair, with solid reasoning. The grade level decided to throw both questions out of the summative grade. WOW...major reflections.

Begin with the End in Mind- Habit 2

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