ivivva athletica

Creating quality, breathable sportswear for girls ages 5-14 since 2009

Founded by lululemon athletica in 2009. First American stores were opened in 2012 in Boston, New York City, Chicago and many more! Designed for girls ages 5-14 interested in activities such as dance, yoga, ice skating, tennis and running. Headquarters located in Vancouver,Canada (same as lululemon). They have about 12 stores across the United States and Canada.

ivivva logo
lululemon founded ivivva in 2009. ivivva is known as "lululemon's kid brand".

ivivva has a wide price range based off of their products. their products are a tad pricey but the reason for that is because they use comfortable, breathable, stretchy fabric in majority of their products letting you focus on your activity rather than your clothing situation. Here are some examples:

-tank tops: $26-42

-sports bras: $28-32

-shorts: $28-46

-cropped pants and leggings: $48-68

-leggings: $58-64

-tops/shirts: $44-64

-jackets/hoodies: $68-88

-headbands: $8-14

-accessories: $8-34

-work out/gym bags: $58-78

-athletic skirts and dresses: $46-64

This picture shows their signature "Live to Dance" pant and 2 jackets/hoodies.
Hoodie, jacket, shorts, tank top, and pants.
Tank top, leggings, and hoodie.

There are not that many Minnesotans that are employed at ivivva because there is only one ivivva location in Minnesota-Mall of America. There is also only about 8 locations throughout the United States and 4-5 locations in Canada. It impacts MN by giving many young girls lots of choices of athletic wear to choose from to buy for sports. Employing Minnesotans gives the employees a pay check in which they can use to either buy food, clothing, help pay/save for college, save for retirement, and plus when you spend that on other stuff, you are helping out other buisnesses!!


Yearly Profit

In 2012, lululemon and ivivva made approxamently $1,000,000,000. In 2013, lululemon and ivivva made approxamently 1.37 billion dollars. Plus, lululemon recently had their annual warehouse sale in which helped them reach $1.59 billion in profit so far this year!!!

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