This is me I am 15 born in 1998 and my birthday is December 3. I live with my mom but I use to switch from my dads to my moms every year .(dad lives in OK (Oklahoma) and my mother in PA (Pennsylvania) but now my dad lives at his moms (a block away from where my mom lives) and its really weird. I mentally live with 15 people (all together knowing i live with half my mom and half my dad still) all in my mind its like a roller coaster that never ends. While down in OK i broke my arm. ( pretty badly) I broke it in September  and it was in a cast for about 6 months.(I got the cast off on Christmas for just one of my presents.) Now i dont switch from PA to OK i now only live in Pennsylvania. (Girard Pennsylvania)

Rock's and Minerals

Things you probably didn't know about me.

I have been collecting rocks and minerals for almost my hole life. Theres been good days of hunting for them and some bad days. (most the time bad) everyone i have found i sell and then i usally go out and buy some others. (usually small and smoothed and they are mostly just for show)

Special Coins

I have been collecting coins since for as long as i can remember and i have quiet a few rare ones from all across the globe. The reason i show this coin (Chinese Panda Coin)is because this is the exact same coin I found while living with my mom so me and her looked it up on Google and it turned out to be worth 100 yuan (equivalent to 16.27 dollars in the U.S.)


I have always loved Pikachu he is one o the best poke and cutest Pokemon out there (my own opinion)i have tons of cards (not too sound like a nerd but i do) of just pikachu and i try to keep them in pristine condition.

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