Session 1 !
In session 1 we learned about all of the types of brodcastings.We also learned where and how they are made.

Session 2!
In session 2 we learned the role in advertising. We also wrote and recorded a commercial of our own.

Session 3!
In session 3 we wrote three news stories. We also wrote an introduction to our news cast.

Session 4!
In session 4 we recorded our introduction to our news cast. We also recorded the news stories.

Session 5!
I'm pretty sure that in session 5 we added music to our new stories or introduction.

Session 6!
In session 6 i think we worked on what music we wanted and listening and made any changes that had to be made to the boradcast.

Session 7!
In session 7 we had all the music and news recorded and completed.

Career in the field!

This career is a news reporter. In this career field you broadcast live sometimes but you also have scripts to. If you are not working in front of the camera you are controlling the music and sounds. You can add music in when you just come back from a commercial. You also have to make sure that all of the microphones are on so that when they are talking everyone can hear them.

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