Dr.Charles Drew

By Zeriyah Mcknight

Dr.Charles Richard Drew was born on June 3 1904 in Washington D.C . His middle name is Richard. Drew grew up in Washington, D.C., as the oldest son of a carpet layer. Dr Charles Drew Wife's was Minnie Lenore Robbins. Minnie and Dr. Drew had a child named Charlene Drew Jar. Dr. Charles Richard Drew was an African American medical doctor and surgeon who started the idea of a blood bank and a system for the long-term preservation of blood plasma which means he found that it kept longer then whole blood. Dr.Drew became a director of the Red Cross system where set up and operated the blood plasma bank at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, Ny. Dr Drew turned down his position as director after the US War Department issued an order stating that blood taken from white donors should not be mixed with black donors. Dr Drew strongly objected, and stated "the blood of individual human beings may differ by blood groupings, but there is absolutely no scientific basis to indicate any difference in human blood from race to race". Dr Drew died on April 1, 1950, after a car accident in North Carolina. This is a legend that he died as a result of being denied a blood transfusion and medical care from a "whites-only" hospital, but Dr Drew got immediate medical attention from the other doctors (his friends) who were in the car accident with him (but were less severely injured). Fortunately, Dr. Drew was admitted to a mixed-race hospital, but died after being treated for massive internal injuries.


1904- Charles Drew was born on June3, in Washington D.C.

1922- Graduated from Dunbar High School

1926- Earned a Bachelor's degree from Amherst College

1933- Charles Drew graduated in from McGill University being second in his class and earning a Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery degrees.

1939- Drew married Minnie Lenore Robbins, and they had four children

1940- he completed his doctoral thesis, titled "Banked Blood: A Study in Blood Preservation". He also was appointed medical supervisor of the "Plasma for Britain" project

1941- He was named director of the newly formed Red Cross Blood Bank and name chief surgeon at Freedom's Hospital.

1950- Drew died on April 1, in an auto accident while traveling to a medical convention in North Carolina.

1981- He was featured in the United States Postal Service's Great Americans stamp series.


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