The UTA Trip .

Jennifer Rivera .

When I first arrived at UTA , I was amazed of how big it was . It looks like a really good school to attend in the future . I thought it was going to be really boring but it was fun , even tho it was really crowded . There is a lot of room at UTA for a lot of people to attend .

would I  apply to UTA in the future ? why or why not ?

I really don't know if I would apply to UTA because I would love to go to a collage out of Texas . UTA is  really good  and its one of the top schools . If I don't have enough money to travel to another place so i cant go to collage , I will love to attend UTA . But , I'm going to think about going to UTA in the future because its really close to where I live and Texas is where I was born and raised so I would love to apply here .

which part of the day did i enjoy the most ? why ?

The part of the day I enjoyed the most was when they put on the science magic show .

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