Hermione and Diego's Page

We love to say hello.  Stop by to visit us anytime.

We were rescued by our owner and her sister in S.C. over 6 years ago.  There were 5 of us.  Our owner's sister keep one of our sisters, Ginny, and found homes for the other two sister.  We came to Wisconsin with our owner and her family.  We are not sure whether we really like being "yankee" pups but have somewhat gotten used to the cold Wisconsin winters.

We love to sleep, play, take walks and chase anything that moves in the back yard.  We have chased, caught and killed squirrels, moles, mice, rabbits, birds and possums.

We also love to play with anything that squeaks (new squeaker toys last 5-10 on average) and I, Hermione, love to chase balls thrown by our owners.  I am not great on returning the balls though!

Here are some basic tips to keep us happy:

Here's some of our favorite activities:

Here's some tips on how to care for us:

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