The Drop Of Honey

There was a once a king who was eating his breakfast , sitting on one of the many palace balconies.His deep red silk robe was embroidered with gold elephants which sparkled as they caught the sun . He sat there looking down onto his subjects bustling about in the market in the street below. Breakfasting with the king was his trusted minister who came each morning to the king to tell him of the affairs of state.

The king particularly like puffed rice for his breakfast. Over it he poured the delicious honey made by bees which collected nectar from the lilies and orchids in the palace gardens."Nothing can beat our honey"he said as he filled his mouth. "Only our bees can produce such delicate sweetness!". "Indeed, that is so, your majesty"  agreed the minister.

Just then a drop of honey fell from the king's rice onto the edge of the balcony."Let me clean up, your Majesty" said the minister , bending forward a cloth."Oh no" replied the king. "That is our not problem.Leave it to the servants". And so they continued with their breakfast  , talking of his and that.

Mean while the drop of honey warmed by the sun dripped down onto the street market below where people had set up their stalls, fruit sellers wheeled their carts , and a shepherd stood with his herd of goats.Immediately a fly landed on the drop of the honey and started its own breakfast . A green gecko noticed the fly. Its tongue flicked in and out as it lurked an a dark crack of the palace wall.Suddenly the fly had disappeared down its throat.

But a cat saw the gecko as it darted back onto its dark hiding place.Cats are quick in their movements and before the gecko had reached safety , the cat had pounced on it. But a dog which had been stretched out asleep in the shade was one ferocious bark and leapt on the cat which hissed and did her best to scratch the dog's eyes out.

Up on the balcony, the minister was a little worried about the commotion."Your majesty" he said "there's a nasty cat and dog fight going on down there.Should we ask someone to go out and stop it ?". "Do not worry" said the king."Cats and dogs are always fighting.It is not our problem.Have some more of this wonderful honey".

Mean while the owners of the cat and the dog had left their market stalls and were trying to separate their animals.But the cat's claws were vicious and dog's teeth were dangerous so the owners started to shout at each other.Then the dog's owner punched the  cat's owner in the face.He in turn took up a piece of wood and hit the dog owner over the head.

The minister saw the situation with growing concern. "Your Majesty,I must insist" he said."Those two men are fighting one another.Someone is going to be badly hurt.Shouldn't  we call someone to break it up."The king looked down as he dabbed the honey from his chin with a crisp white napkin.

"Leave them to it" he said languidly."It is not our problem".Meanwhile  the fight below in the street had grown worse.Friends and family had gathered around the dog and cat owners.To begin with the cheered the two men, but then families started to join in.Soon the two groups were fighting each other.

Stalls were upturned and some people lay on the ground holding their heads.Some men were wounded and bleeding.The minister was becoming increasingly distressed."Your majesty we must do something!The fight in the street is getting worse"."Oh sit down Minister!" replied the irritated king.

Now soldiers had arrived on the scene.At first they tried to break up the fight but then they also took sides.Some sided with the cat's owner and some with the dog's owner.The soldiers were armed and it wasn't long before one was killed.Soon the whole town was fighting and the country erupted into civil war.

Houses were destroyed and the palace was set on fire . Many people were killed and became homeless.Day's later the king and his minister stood beside the charred ruins of the palace and what was left of the town."Perhaps the drop of honey was our problem after all".

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