CREO STUDIO at GSVA with Kairos Academy (Newark, OH) (Granville, OH)

The first picture shows a bass and other wild life that live in fresh water. It also shows my obsession for fishing, this obsession started when my family went on vacation in the hocking hills. There we fished a lake called Lake Logan, when we got there we began to fish; the first fish was caught by my sister and after that every fish we caught was on my sister’s hook. After that day I said that will never happen again so I took up fishing and I found out that I was good at it and I have been fishing ever since.

Second painting. In this panting we were using the painting technique called cubism. For this painting the colors I chose were red white and blue mostly and some other colors thrown in there as well. I also added in an American flag because I am American and I love my country.

Third painting. For this painting we are using cubism, I chose the colors because I thought they all went well together. As far as the shapes go I just randomly chose places to put shapes and added color to them.

Carter Scott, age 17

I wanted to do a cubist art of me and my friend Carter, so he came over and I took the picture. It is kind of funny what we did; Carter has his finger in a peace sign and I'm like, "sup!" I've been going to the art studio for a while; this will be my second year coming to GSVA. The teachers are real laid back and cool. They let us take breaks and tell us to take our time. We are in no hurry.

I was just thinking of random things to make so my teacher Michael was looking up some images and I saw the United States so I thought of just drawing the map at first then Michael inspired me to add color to the states. I tried to do the state colors, like red for Ohio, but I just did the colors. We were talking about the states and how there is a chef in the middle. There is a random glow of purple all round the drawing this was not intended but I like the color. There was some trial and error but I made it. Like it would not put in the colors at first then I had to put the colors in the boxes that I drew. It did not take long to make about 10 to 20 minutes.

Kenny Fry, age 17

The reason why I did this is because I thought this looks good. I used these colors because my family likes these colors; also the reason why I did these shapes. I like the black background better because white looks better on paper.

Dale Prom, age 15

I like my art because I like this kind of art. When people see my art, I want them to like it and admire it. Through my art I would like to make video games. As an artist, I would like to make art and draw characters. From my art, I want my audience to learn and know what it is. I want my art to be turned into a video game. My art is special because I drew it with fashion. I am an artist because I want to be a game designer.

Kyle R. Fry, age 17