Trading Cities, Ms. Peterson 9/27/13

Calicut was a major trading sea port located in Southern India, what is now present day Kozhikode, Kerala India. It was one of the most important trading ports in India at it's time.

There were a variety of goods that were traded through the city of Calicut. Some of the primary goods traded there were Dye (Indigo), Cotton, Spices and Herbs, Ivory, Timber, and Tea. Calicut soon became known as the City of Spices, since those were it's principal commodity, and what lured in most of the merchants.

The main way goods arrived to the city of Calicut was by sea travel (such as Dhow ships), as this was a major sea port during its time.

Given that Calicut was such a major trading city in India, it's economic status was quite high. One account from a famous traveler by the name of Ibn Battuta states that "the greater part of the Muhammedan merchants of this place are so wealthy that one of them can purchase the whole freightage of such vessels put here and fit out others like them".

Calicut's main role was to act as a major trading point for eastern spices and other luxury goods such as cotton. In fact, the title Calicut is believed to be derived from the name of the fine hand woven cotton cloth that was often traded at this port.

There were several functions to the city of Calicut. It acted as a major trading sea port for India. It acted as the trading center between Chinese and Arabs. It was also the powerful capital of the Zamorions. It was also a safe haven for many since it was religiously tolerant, had a good administration, and gave security and impartiality to all who came.

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