Buddy, the best dog EVER.

You will be greatly missed!

Our 14-year-old dear, sweet Buddy passed away earlier this week. He was a super handsome fellow that we fondly referred to as the George Clooney of labs, as he became more handsome with age. He gave us 14 years of life, love, and laughs and will forever be a part of our entire family’s hearts.

Buddy leaves a legacy of being the dog that ate everything. We mean he ATE it, didn’t just chew it, but consumed it. Rolls of quarters, hemp belts, raw potatoes, bags of marshmallows, 10 pounds of chocolate at a time, 25 pounds of dog food in a single sitting, bunches of grapes (but left the stems), entire pans of nine layer chocolate bars, contact lenses, Livestrong bracelets, along with all the regular things dogs eat such as homework, tube socks, pony tail holders, underwear, loaves of bread including the wrapper. Miraculously, he never needed any of his consumed items to be surgically removed. It made its way out, one way or the other. :-)

Styling with the family at Martha's Vineyard July 4th parade.
Hanging out with Anna
Road trip with Rigby and Milly
Growing up with Stefan, Anna and Marika was so much fun.
Buddy loved spooning with Max
July 4-voted most handsome dog ever.
Buddy loved going on family runs.

Thank you to everyone who lovingly cared for Buddy, especially his last few weeks including Janet, Haden, Les, the Brewer clan and The Ohio State University Vet Hospital. We are grateful to all of you.

And to Buddy, who is watching us from the heavens above, you are forever with us!