Whale Shark

The Whale Shark scientific name is the Rhincodon Typus.


The Whale Shark is the  biggest fish  in the world.It grows up to twelve meters long.The whale sharks cousin is called the Wobbegong.It can open its mouth one metre wide! and capture food one milimetre long.


The whale shark is found in Shark Bay,Western Australia .The whale shark is found thirty degrees north and south of the Equator.


The Whale sharks stay deep in water.They don't really need shelter because they don't get sun.

Biological Relationships

The biological relationships for a Whale Shark is prey because the whale shark gets eaten by the Great White Shark.But the whale shark is also a predator because it eats,krill,crab,coral larvae and small fish.

Life cycle

The female gives birth to live young,called pups.At birth a whale shark is up to fifty five centimetres long.

Food Chain

The whale sharks food chain is to krill and then gets eaten by the crab. And then the crab gets eaten by a fish. Then the fish gets eaten by the  coral larvae. Then the coral larvae gets eaten by the whale shark And the whale shark gets eaten by the Great White Shark!


Whale sharks live in the Ocean Biome.

Interesting Facts

Whale sharks can live up to seventy to one hundred years of age.Most whale sharks are found in warm tropical waters.The whale sharks are facing extinction because it has been hunted from humans and also its predator.

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