James Gurthet

Day 1

today we created keychains

Day 3

  • today we made replicas of famous places, I made the pantheon. It looks good and i really want it printed out. It was really hard and irritating to make the different pillars.I think it came out really well

Day 4

Today I made a more detailed pantheon. it looked a lot like the real one and i am really proud of it. It has the same letters as the real one. we also worked on a theme park. The theme was batman so I made Bruce Manor. We also had coffee time :).

Day 6

Today Izzo told us how to draw people. We also did peer review were we looked at other peoples designs. We also started our own designs. I am doing football helmets and stadiums and Emmanuel reviewed mine and he said the stadiums were really hard to make.

Day 6

Today we finished our project and I was making a helmet. it was really hard to make the helmet and the face mask. I decided to make the the baltimore colts helmet. we also are printing the projects out.

Day 8

Today I made my house's 1ST floor kind of...... I did not make my kitchen or dining room (probably because I'm lazy). It did come out really well c; I hope it comes out as good as it looks. We were also making these all day so we had a lot of time to make it and add detail. I can't wait for it to be printed.

day 9

Today we finished my house. My TV kept falling off and it was really frustrating but i made it work and made two new floors. We made houses in minecraft. We could all play together and it was really fun.