The Aztec Noble~an explanation of it's life

My whole entire life, work, and style  as and Aztec Noble, was determined by which family I was born into.

The Aztecs were a tribe who lived in the modern towns of Mexico. The Aztecs believe in many different Gods, and take part in rituals to worship their Gods. Some other interesting parts to an aztecs life is their sacrifices. The aztecs scarifies captives hearts, and offer them to the gods, particularly on being the sun god. The Aztecs took a lot of pride in their temples and pyramids, so they preformed the sacrifices at the top of them. Many other types of sacrifices took place as-well, but in different locations and on different kinds of people.

This photo is a painting of one of the sacrifices given to the sun god by the us. His chest has been cut open, and his heart has be ripped out and given to the sun so it shines. During this time, we would find our enemies, hold them down, and create a ceremony to offer the heart properly.

Here is a picture that shows how the system where i live works. Depending on how high we are, determines what work I get to do. As you can see, I am third from the top because I am a noble. There are quite a few of us, but not as many as in the classes below mine. To specify on my characteristics as a noble, my family and I own a lot of land. We are on the wealthier side, and rank in a higher role in aztec society. On the land, we control Spoils and servants who work to upkeep the quality.

These Jobs can also be determine by not just your families social ranking, but also by gender. The males take on a stronger role like hunting, farming, and fighting. Females were often made to raise children, housekeep, cook, and sell and make household goods.

The change in our life, started as the generations started to grow older. Disease came over to the villages, and whipped out part of the population. Doctors are not around yet, so we have the "religious healer" come and tend to the sick. The healer studies medical sciences, and religious rituals that are believed to help the sick become healthy again. But, as people start dying, we bury them based on where the family wants to take them.