This Week's Math Stuff... 2.5.15

Check out this blog post to see how a real life problem solving/modeling task is created and used in the classroom.

Click the link below to take you to the SolveMe website that was demonstrated at the department meeting.

Check out the Math Talks site that Lauren and Jen presented on at the Professional Development day.  It's a great resource for number routines.

Upcoming dates...

Did you know that 2.6.15 is the 100th day...

I didn't until Dorothy reminded me...(thanks Dorothy for these great ideas!)

  • You could have students use the order of operations to create expressions that evaluate to 100.
  • 7th Accelerated and 8th grade teachers could use this task from Math Assessment Project.
  • We might need to come up with a bank of middle school ideas since it's usually an elementary activity...

Tuesday, February 10th--8th grade math/science meeting