A Penn State Student's Thoughts on an IT Career

The aspect of IT that I enjoy the most is that technology is changing and growing so rapidly. This is very interesting to me because I always like to plan ahead and try to use present knowledge to forecast what will happen in the future. I also believe that the most successful businesses are the ones that share the same mindset. It is always better to be proactive to approaching a potential problem than to be reactive. By that I mean that you should not wait around for a problem to arise in order to react to it. By thinking ahead, you may be able to completely prevent those problems from arising. This is particularly important in the field of cyber security.

I enjoy this aspect of IT because it always keeps me on my feet and always provides me with a new challenge. The most enjoyable career, to me, is one that can allow me to continually grow and learn. The continuing rapid technology growth in the IT industry will guarantee that my desire to grow and learn will be met.

A rotational program or consulting position could attract me because they would expose me to many different types of projects, problems, and people. The last thing I want at this stage of my career is to be funneled into too narrow of specialty area and not be able to grow my career. I am someone who strives to understand the “big picture” of any situation, and I believe that it is imperative for businesses to consider the perspectives of many disciplines when developing solutions. As I look toward the future, I realize the importance of a position that will not only allow me to strengthen my technical skills, but also learn about the various aspects of a business. In return, I will then be able to experience tremendous career growth and have a long relationship with this type of an organization. Overall, I am confident that this will enable me to strongly develop my professional, technical, and personal skills.