Tree Planting Guide

Steven Claycomb


1. Closed back rounded shovel

2. Top soil and mulch

3. Wheel barrel

4. Hose

5. Tree stake or post

Step 1.  Dig a bowl shaped hole as deep as root ball and 2-3 times as wide as the diameter of root ball.

Step 2.  Place the root ball in the bottom of the hole in the center and remove burlap from the top of the root ball and wire completely.  The beginning of the roots should be at ground level

Step 3.  Mix one part rich soil for every four parts original soil.  Use mixture to fill in area around the root ball.

Step 4.  Lightly tamp soil around roots and add additional soil if needed so the roots are fully covered.

Step 5.  Taper the soil around the trunk so water flows away from the trunk.

Step 6.  Add mulch on top of soil just enough so the ground is covered and so it isn't touching the trunk of the tree.

Step 7.  If in a windy area, stake tree but for no more than one year.

Step 8. Water thoroughly and remove any tree guards and often through the first year and dry years there after.

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