Skate life in philly

skate or die

philly skaters

Philadelphia is one of the most well known places for skate or die skaters. Skaters that originated in Philly are known for street skating. Most skaters learned how to take nothing and turn it into something. Old cracked decks, and rusty wheels are the usual skateboards. Skaters in Philly are skate or die because Philly skaters, skate everyday. If you go downtown you will see nothing but skaters. Skating isn't a sport to us, it's a culture, a life style and an art form.

Nocturnal Skate shop

Nocturnal is a one of a kind skate shop. There is only one Nocturnal in the world and it is in Philadelphia, on south street. It is an original Philly skate shop owned by Karry Getz, Nocturnal isn't the only Philly skate shop there is also Exit, Method,and Habitat.

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