Fun Online Games – The Pros And Cons Of Playing

With the evolution of internet, there has been gradual increase in the people who are using this technology for various purposes. Internet has become a platform of political debate, education, entertainment, business dialogue and also of social gathering. People of various age groups are making the use of internet for various requirements. Many kinds of media organizations, whether it is print media, electronic or the radio, are also increasing their dimensions in the internet.

Likewise, there has been a shift in the dimension of gaming. Internet has all together changed the whole meaning of gaming. Now it no more the cliché pattern of scoring points.. this concept of entertainment is more than that. It has become much more interesting and interactive. There is an addition of social networks as well. One can increase their social circle along with playing games. When one is playing games online, the expectations are comparatively very high and it is much more engaging. But like every thing it carries its own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Free Online Gaming :

  • 1. Research has revealed that the adults who play online games showed better offline visuals and concentration skills.
  • 2. As recent survey by GSN has also found that the one who played games occasionally at work during breaks has experience improvement in the quality and efficiency of doing work.
  • 3. Since online gaming also gives one the opportunity to have fun, they are therefore considered beneficial emotionally and educationally.
  • 4. For it gives one the opportunity to engage in reward based games, it encourages one put more effort in winning. Therefore, all together increase the capability of achieving any goal.
  • 5. It is beneficial in education sense also. Companies like Luminosity have proven that games are very beneficial to the education as well. Since along with being entertained it also increases focus and engagement in the lesson content.

Disadvantages of Free Online Gaming :

  • 1. The one who are addicted to it spend a plenty of time in playing fun games leaving all the other works aside.
  • 2. One who does not have internet of their own rush to cyber café to playing and they spent ample amount of money on it.
  • 3. It can also take toll to the health. Studies have reported that a kid who spends a lot of time in gaming suffers from the problem short-sightedness.
  • 4. The ones who are addicted to gaming spends a lot of time in front of their computer screen rather than spending time with family and friends.

Though everything that we do in extreme carries its own sets of disadvantages but with proper care and guidance parents call actually use these free games to play as tools of learning for their children.

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