Letter o

Tinell,Nathaniel James

11448 Bill Clinton road

Elpaso,TX 79948

May 18,2015

Bill Clinton head physiologist


3482 Sun flower lane

Elpaso,TX 79934

dear Bill Clinton

hello sir my name is Nathan Tinell, I'm interested in a interview with you for your physiologist position. I work hard and I stay on task I also make sure all the work that is given to me is completed and given to you personally to the best of my ability and most of the time beyond that. I keep thing professional while also providing a since of humor to the people around me.

My experiences in this field are many in the cases of broken hearts, violent deaths, near death experiences and just plain old mental breakdowns from stress. I have learned over the years that the people you help are looking for someone that is willing to listen and help them not judge them and give them worthless garbage and expect them to get better. I've also learned that the boss likes work back in a timely fashion and i make sure past my bed ability that I have everything in to you in that timely fashion.


Nathaniel Tinell