Deflate Gate

Fact or False?

Did the Patriots deflate the footballs? And do they deserve this harsh of a punishment?

  • Brady is suspended the first 4 games of the regular season.
  • The New England Patriots were fined 1 million dollars, lost a 2016 first round and 2017 fourth round draft picks for deflating footballs. The team has decided to not appeal punishment.
  • What we know- during the AFC Championship Game which the Pats won by a dominating score of 45-7, the Patriots' balls were 2 pounds less in pressure.
  • Chad Orzel loaded his freezer with footballs to see what effect it would have on them. The balls lost 2 pounds in pressure just like Patriot's balls.
  • Of course, that was from a temperature drop of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Others calculated that the temperature on the football field would have had to make it all the way down to 31 degrees F to cause the change—much colder than it actually was during the game.
  • Bill Nye said on video that it would've had to have been a lot colder for the balls to lose pressure like they did, and Bill knows all about climate change.
  • There’s always a chance more variables such as wear and tear, rain, and friction could have kept the pressure high in the first measurement or lowered it by the second.
  • For now the physics has spoken and we’re not much better off. Is there enough evidence to prove that Brady had these balls deflated?

Deflated balls can help many players: it is easier for a quarterback to throw, a wide receiver to catch, a running back to grip, and a kicker to kick. The Patriots are in a lot of trouble.

There is a very strong case that the Patriots had something to do with the affect on the footballs and not so much for the side that believes they're innocent.

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