Top 5 Christmas Activities to Help bring some Christmas Cheer!

Get out there and do something!

# 5- Skating @ The Harbourfront

This is one of the most beautiful spots in Toronto to visit during the winter months. You can grab a warm drink (I prefer a nice hot chocolate) at the small coffee shop in front. The downtown setting provides a beautiful background to a quaint date, or just a night out with friends.

# 4 Concerts or Plays

It is so tempting to just stay at home and watch a movie (and that is one of my favourite activities as well), you need to get out of the house. Concerts and plays allow you to share an experience with friends, as well as strangers. That specific event will only happen once...ever. I remember seeing a Barenaked Ladies(BNL) concert 5 or so years ago, that was amazing, it included their classic hits, some children's songs, as well as a bunch of Christmas tunes. It really brought me into the Christmas spirit, and I will never forget. I am going to another BNL concert this Thursday and I can only hope it's just as good, or better than the last one. THIS ONE INCLUDES the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Hashtag#Excited!

# 3 Watching A Christmas Movie

Although I just talked about getting out of the house and doing something in the city with others, I do want to incorporate some "me" time. Just taking time to watch a movie on your own, and really get into the Christmas spirit and hopefully improve a dreary Christmas mood. Some of my favourites include: Home Alone 1/2, Serendipity, Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and many more.

# 2- Decorating the house/apartment for Christmas!!!

You get to spend time with family, listening to Christmas tunes, and drinking Egg Nog while making your place friendlier and happier.

#1- The Santa Clause Parade

I find this really gets me into the Christmas spirit
I get together with friends and we watch the Aurora Santa Clause Parade, its smaller and shorter than the big Toronto one. It usually has lots of music and lots of happy, yet quite cold people waving from the parade and from the crowd.