By Damon Martin

Continent: South America

Imports: Cars, refined petroleum, computers, broadcasting equipment.

Exports: Soy beans, corn,soy bean meal.

Electricity: National average is 77.

Name of national anthem and lyrics: Teta Perahei. For three centuries a reign oppressed

The unhappy peoples of America,

But one day, their anger aroused, they said: An end to this, and broke the reign.

Our forefathers, fighting magnificently,

Displayed their martial glory,

And when the august diadem was shattered,

They raised the triumphal cap of liberty.

Paraguayans, Republic or death!

It was our strength that gave us our final liberty.

Neither tyrants nor slaves can continue,

Where unity and equality reign.

Name of currency: Paraguayan Guarani.

Average cost of things: 12,000.

Religions: 92%-97% are Roman Catholics.

Groups: Black, European, and Asian.

Languages: Spanish.

Times to travel their: March-October

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