Violence Against Women

Why did I choose this topic?
I chose Violence Against Women  as my topic beacuse I feel that it is not talked about or important to society as it should be. The way my generation is today  respect for women from most males is invisable. What I mean by invisble is that now day respect for women isnt a natural instinct anymore. Having respect for women from most males is really not even thought of from most males. Most of this is lead by the Movies , Tv shows, and Music we listen too.

What I focused on in my paper was that..?

     Today we face a large problem that has increased over many years and left many parties involved damaged in several ways, which is known as violence against women. Violence amongst women has its many forms, but there are many ways that it can be prevented. In addition, there are some cultures that are contributing factors to violence amongst women. As the United States continues to prioritize violence amongst women on its agenda to solve, there are laws in place to help overcome this problem. Educating society on violence against women is definitely a vital preventive method. The work it will take to prevent violence against women depends on the performance of society.

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