The Emancipation of Monday

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

People hate Mondays. Most Mondays social media is awash in memes and personal diatribes outlining the vicious toll the beginning of the week is taking on people’s souls. Discussing the crumbling and destruction of their spirits and dreams. Why is this Monday’s fault? If you think Monday sucks it is quite possible that it isn’t the day that is the problem. Your life AROUND Monday sucks. Monday is just the day that you do an accounting of the suck. Many choose Monday as the collecting point for their doubts, irritations and promises they have broken to themselves. What if for one Monday you allow these thoughts to pass you by? What if instead, you decided to revel in thoughts that serve you? Thoughts that encourage and fortify you. What if this Monday could represent something better? This Monday you can think about the clean slate you have going into the week. The undisturbed, clear path in front of you leading toward your goals. What if this Monday could be a starting point for something you have wished you would do for a long time? What if this Monday could be the day that you remember as the starting point for a lifetime of accomplishment? Monday is a day of possibility. Let Monday be the first brick. Let Monday be what it wants to be, a precious spot on the calendar that should propel you into this week…this month…this life.