-News Satire- -Partisan- -Exaggeration- Larry Tucker & Ricky Frappier-

Larry Tucker

    Mr. Tucker was arrested and is facing charges for killing and eating an American Bald Eagle.Tucker says that the eagle was picking off his chickens at his home in texas and he had the right to kill it since it was messing with his livestock.He said he was up for trying new meats and its not right to kill something without eating it.This is objective writing but is almost credible. Even though the Bald Eagle is Americas bird, If any type of animal interfers with anyones livestock they are allowed to kill it. People where calling Tucker un American and he said "I have an American flag on my front porch like everyone else, I am an American".

Ricky Frappier

  A 6-year-old boy allegedly got into the snack cabinet at nine in the morning on Friday before his parents had woken up. His mother, Celina, found him unconscious on the kitchen floor surrounded by more than twenty pop-tart wrappers and a mess of uneaten crust and EMTs suspected he had gone into a diabetic coma and his parents said they didn't know he was a diabetic; I'm sure its possible but I find this non-credible and objective by one reason and that is if his parents was asleep; how did they know when the toddler got into the cabinet at nine in the morning? A autopsy can determine time of death but not what time he got in the cabinet. Also another point is how many kids ricky's age can eat 20 or more poptarts.

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