• The Holocaust was a time where 11 million of Jews and Polish Christians died by a man named Adolf Hitler. The Germans believed that those kind of people where less than human and that they shouldn't be living, so they killed millions by working them to death, shooting them, putting them in gas chambers, even burning some. They would treat all of them like a piece of trash. The people didn't deserve to suffer but Hitler made them suffer and their bodies couldn't take it so they did eventually died.

The importance of Jewish children

The life of a child was hard, and even harder when you are a Jewish. These kids would be separated from there family and then they would be killed or worked to death. These kids where important because they would have made new generations of Jews so they killed them first.

Life of a Jewish during the Holocaust

The life of a Jew was hard because you had to see your family getting killed and being separated from you. You would have done anything to live but it was hard.

Denying your a Jew

During the Holocaust if you were a Jew, you where in deep trouble. If you were a Jew and you were denying it you would be killed what ever age you where. Jews would deny the fact the they were because they thought they had a chance to live but no.

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