Indonesia is a beautiful island as you can see with terrific sites and people that live there.

The country I have chosen is Indonesia, I chose this country for its people, ethnic groups, and industries. It also has amazing sites, and attractions! I think Indonesia, would be a great place for anyone to visit.

First, the people, the people of Indonesia are very interesting and different. Their dominate religion is Islam, and many of their people are Islamic! To be islamic they must worship the Kaaba and, many islamic woman don't show much or any skin. They can't show their hair, legs,or even their face. The only real thing thing you can see are their eyes , and they can't even look men in the eyes out of respect.

Second, Indonesia has many different ethnic groups. They all coke together to form the wonderful county called Indonesia! The language they speak is called Bahasa. There are many other languages that are spoken of course ,but Bahasa is the most common. Some of the ethnic groups include: Javanese, Sundanese, and Costal Malays.

Third, there are many different types of industries in Indonesia. Such as oil, natural gas, cigaret production, those are just a few of the many industries. These industries help the people of Indonesia get jobs ,and the jobs help the economy grow! Also, these jobs attract people from other countries , and that helps the country grow and flourish!

In conclusion, Indonesia is a wonderful place to visit for its people, ethnic groups, and industries! I hope that one day you are lucky enough to visit Indonesia one day!

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