heads up


As I look at the other end my opponent tosses the round grippy green ball into the air. She licks her lips and tensed her arm. I had no idea what to do what she was going to do. I was anxious. I look into her flaming eyes I knew she wanted to win. She lifts her racket it swings as fast as a cheater.

As the ball speeds threw the breeze. As I get ready to throw my hands up and my racket. I swing my bat as I hit the flaming ball away from me as I see the fire in her eyes. The ball is too fast like a Rocket that just took off.

As sweat drips the crowd goes silent as she swings. The crowd covers their face

as the flaming ball burst at her red face . It great that I got revenge on her. I sweat as I walk towards her. I feel more confident each time I was so fast her teeth got knocked out as I feel guilty as she screams her voice out. But I felt take a step. As I help her up the crowd cheers.

By Carlin.

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