Juan Carlos Ballivian

Bodybuilder Juan Carlos Ballivian Featured in Fitness Publications

With the archetypal stature of a traditional bodybuilder, Juan Carlos Ballivian measures 5 feet and 10 inches, at an average weight of 260 pounds. Though he trains six days a week throughout the year, when entering bodybuilding competitions he intensifies his regimen and trims down to a sculpted 225 pounds. Recognized within the bodybuilding ranks as a title-holding heavyweight division competitor, Juan Carlos Ballivian has appeared in a number of magazines that cover the sport, such as MuscleMag, REPS!, and Planet Muscle. Among his work as a fitness model, he has also been pictured demonstrating arm-muscle development exercises in the December 2010 Fill Your Sleeves issue of Muscle & Fitness.

Complementing his bodybuilding career, Mr. Ballivian works in Houston as an independent personal trainer at One 2 One Training Center, Richmond location. Attained his personal trainer certification from the Cooper Institute in Dallas and continues to attend professional development courses. When working with clients, he advises them on nutritional principles that will help them achieve their health goals, oversees their workouts to make sure they are practicing safe exercise techniques, and helps them assess their level of conditioning by conducting fitness tests. Striving to grow his clientele through personal referrals, Juan Carlos Ballivian builds relationships with his clients in which he consistently addresses their feedback and concerns.

For personal training he can be contacted on his facebook.com/jcballivian