Juan Mancheno

Real Estate Investor in the San Francisco Bay Area

About Juan Mancheno

Currently based in El Sobrante, California, Juan Mancheno is an accomplished real-estate investor and developer in the San Francisco Bay area. Early in his professional history, he established his career as chief executive officer of the real-estate investment firm Mancheno Enterprises, Inc. Projects undertaken by the company included developing new custom homes, flipping real-estate residential properties, and property management. Over the course of 18 years, Juan Mancheno grew the company to encompass 15 employees and more than 20 subcontractors and contributed to the purchase and sale of approximately 500 properties. Continuing to provide consulting on a range of real-estate investment projects, he presently serves as the owner of Approved Lending.

Juan Mancheno volunteers in his local community by providing charitable consulting services to Melting Pot Communities. His volunteer services help provide local low-income families with quality housing. In his private life, he enjoys traveling internationally and has spent time in every continent except Antarctica. He also enjoys staying active through running, cycling, hiking, and playing sports.

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