Holodomor Genocide Ukraine 1932-1933

The Holodomor genocide refers to the mass death in Ukraine from 1932-1933. However this only became widespread knowledge in 1991 when the fall of the Soviet Union which have the rest of the world access to archives giving details on this genocide. But there are still questions that go unanswered, we must ask who was the center of this pain? Why did the soviets need all the food products created in these work camps? How this was concealed from the rest of the world for almost 60 years after it happened? And how were these people killed?

In the late 1980's the documentary, "Harvest Of Sorrows," was released depicting the eye opening true stories of the horrors Of the famine in the Ukraine. This genocide is often called the Holodomor, or death by starvation. For the first time governments were forced to recognize the atrocities the soviets committed in and around Ukraine, and it's neighboring countries.

Map of Ukraine

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During the time period from 1932 to 1933 the NKVD (the Soviet secret police) deported millions of people from Ukraine to remote places such as Siberia. They also seized land and farms to use as collective farms for all to work on. People who lived in urban areas of Ukraine were put on a rationing system which was soon lowered. People were only allowed a certain amount of food each day. Any extra food was confiscated. Before they were lowered some urban dwelling Ukranians tried to send food to their families in the country who were not on rations. With the rations lowered they were soon not able to do this. The first reports of malnutrition and starvation, (holodomor wiki) were in January of 1933 in the cities of Uman and Kiev Oblasts. By February the hardest hit city was Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. (An Oblast is essentially a Russian state.) Many of these cities also suffered from outbreaks of some diseases including malaria and smallpox. (Holodomor wiki)

People dead on the streets

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The main reason the Soviets needed all of this food was for the Soviet Union's industrial boom. The Soviets were trying to expand faster than they were able to feed. Or so they said, they could have been lying because they didn't. Care what happened to the Ukrainians. Most likely because they wanted to demoralize them. However no one is quite sure why the soviets had such little regard to the Ukrainians. Even with their collective farms that many people worked on with very little food in return, they could not keep up with the demand for food. Anyone who tries to hide food for themselves or families was called a counter revolutionary and would be arrested for, "at a time when workers, who were constructing the bright future of socialism were starving." (Holodomor wiki.)

Picture of a collective farm

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The reasons for this being so well hidden are that people weren't allowed into the Ukraine from the outside. All cities were surrounded by guards so the people couldn't leave. Also, when people from other countries were told about these horrors being committed these people were then told by the soviets that this was anti- propaganda against the soviets, and that it should not be believed. Then the Ukrainians would most likely be either executed or sent a labor camp.

Aerial picture of a Siberian work camp like some people might have been sent too.

"Majdanek Concentration Camp." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 07 May 2015.

These people weren't always killed by being shot or gassed; like the Jews were during the Holocaust, some were shot but many others died of malnutrition and diseases. These diseases could have been prevented if The Soviets had provided medical treatment for these diseases, as well as if the Soviets hadn't taken most of their medical supplies. 7560 people died in 1933 due to disease. In 1933 there were 471 thousand people born in Ukraine and 1850 thousand people died or were killed. (Holodomor wiki.) Over 4 and a half many people died than were born in 1933.

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"Holodomor." - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. N.p.,  n.d. Web. 22 Apr. 2015.

The soviets were able to keep the killing of what historians believe to be somewhere around 3 to 7 million people through starvation a secret. This is not acceptable, people should not be able to get away with these atrocities without someone at least looking into these things. In the future all of these claims should be investigated to some extent considering how many there were. This entire genocide was kept hidden from the rest of the world for almost 60 years, this should not happen. The rest of the world needs to be more aware of when thousands of people are either dying or being killed in one country.

The man in charge of the Soviet Union at the time, Josef Stalin



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