The decision making process 2

step 1: situation

Marie does good in all the subjects in school but science. She plays basketball after school. She wants to play basketball in high school next year. In high school you must pass all your classes in order to play. This summer she can participate in a summer science camp to help her in science. She is also given a chance to do a basketball camp But they are on the same time.

Step 2: list the options

* you could go to the science camp and learn better in science.

*you could go to  the basketball camp and get better prepared for high school basket ball.

Step 3: weigh the possible outcomes

*you could go to the basketball camp and get better at basketball.

*you could get better a education in science by going to the camp

Step 4: consider values

*Your mom would be so proud if you went to the science thing.

*but you would be so happy if you would go to basketball camp.

Step 5:make a decision and act on it

*You chose to go to the science camp to better your grades and to make your mom proud!

Step 6:evaluate the decision

* I think i made the right decision as long as i make others happy and pull up my grade in science!!

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