Flight Attendant

Taryn Conard, Ericson.

Some necessary Job requirements;

- Experience with costumer service.

- Friendly attitude.

-High School Diploma.

Education Requirements;

High School Diploma (or more.)

Black Hawk College is the College I have chosen. It is a small campus. When applying you must have a minimum of high school graduate, or GED. The tuition/fees would be $6,000 per year. There are no specific ACT/SAT requirements. There are plenty of Drama/ Theater, Fraternities, Sororities, and other activities that will help with boosting my people skills.

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today." - James Dean. I read this quote about ten minutes ago, and thought it seemed accurate to how I live my day to day life. Whatever I truly want I go after it, no matter how crazy the idea. If you're going to die one day why not take chances now, and make your dreams as high as the sky, as big as the world. The longer you dream, the better you'll get at fulfilling them.

My mother, Lisa Conard serves as my role model. She makes me mad quite a bit but she always tells me she loves me, and how proud of me she is. She doesn't let a bump in the road stop her from doing what she needs to do. My mom has inspired me to live my life not caring what people think about what i wear, how i look, she taught me to do whatever made me happy.

Flight attendants have to be quick on their feet when a bad sitution pops up. Some tips on how to get a better chance at the job demonstrate that; Flight attendants have to be able to think quickly. When a problem crops up at 35,000 feet, they must use avaible resources to solve it." If a problem starts it could be a while before landing to get help, so flight attendants have to think of a "for now" solution. In cases of choking, or medical issues they have to be aware of the right solution, or the steps to take while waiting for a paramedic.


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