Birkenau was established right after Auschwitz on May 31, 1942 . This camp had the highest death rate out of all the camps.  Birkenau consisted of four Kremetoriums, four large gas chambers, labor places, 180 rows of Barracks for both men and women fitting 700 people per block, and only one gate in and out. It was almost impossible for prisoners to escape because the camp was being constantly watched from towers throughout the camp, and the gate and fences were heavily guarded. Jewish people were treated awfully in Birkenau. When they arrived they were separated; men to one side, and women and children to another. Then they were looked at and identified. Most of the women and children were sent to the gas chambers unless they were thought of to be useful. Men who were strong and healthy were kept, others who weren't these things were also sent to the gas chambers. After the strongest and weakest were identified, they put on "striped pajamas" and were given numbers instead of names. They were then sorted into their barrack. Immediately they were sent to work. Those who could not handle the work were beaten or shot on the spot. After a while slowly people started to disappear, they would empty out the barracks to make room for more people. They were told that they were getting showers and not to worry. They were led into a room with no light, and then a couple minutes later Germans released gas into the room, and they died. They then Cremated the bodies and dumped them into a pond that they had in the back of the camp. This happened for 12 years until they were stopped.

Pictures From Birkenau

The video is about the author of "Night" Eli Weisel going back to Auschwitz with Opra Winfrey to remember what happened there. The photo is a picture that was taken by a SS Guard and it is of Jewish people who have just arrived from the train,

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