Name: Louisa Catherine

Age: 20

Part of the Union .

Born and raised in Ohio.

January 17, 1861

Living with 24 year old husband, Larry George and 5 1/2 year old son, William Lewis.

Husband Larry George is stationed in Gettysburg.

Day 1

August 21 1861

6:00 - Wake up

6:30 - Feed the cattle

11:00 - Milk the cows

11:30 - Farm the land

6:00 - Pick the crops

6:30 - Eat Dinner

7:00 - Take a shower

8:00 - Go to bed

Day 2

Day 3

5:30 - Wake up

6:30 - pick crops

10:00 - make breakfast

11:00 - collected wool

5:00 - pull weeds

6:00 - water the crops

6:30 - Make dinner

8:30 - go to bed

3 ways I have helped the war effort :

1. I was a nurse

2. I cooked

3. I was a matron and cleaned the houses and took care of the children

Day 4

Dear Louisa and William,

Hello. I miss you and William very much. I am doing well and I am now stationed in the war of Vicksburg. I am hoping to return home soon to see you and William . Tell William I love and miss him very much and I will be home soon hopefully. I love you and hope everything is going fine at home!

                                                                          With love,


William and I were very excited to have received our letter from my husband Larry who has completed the war of Gettysburg and is now stationed in the war of Vicksburg.

Day 5

On this tragic day, one of Americas most favorite people got assassinated. he was shot in the back of the head . John Wilks Booth people are at a lose and confusion with themselves. This is making this country much worse now that America's president is gone.

Everyday I wait for my husband to walk home so William and I can see him. William cry's almost every night for his father. I pray for him to come home safe and sound to William and I. Things are much harder without him here with us. I always worry about if he's okay. We wright letters to him every other day and it makes me feel a little more relieved to see his letter.  Things would just be easier if he were here.

Dear Larry,

I miss you very much and hope you are doing well. Things on the farm are very difficult for William and I. I wake up every morning at 6:00 and get William up to help me feed the cattle , milk the land , and farm the crops. It is very hard to farm the crops because it has been very dry lately. William and I are hoping to see some rain shortly. We miss you very much and we are praying that you get home safely.

                                                          With love,

                                                          Louisa and William

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