End Your Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Apnea is a condition that affects one's ability to breathe while asleep and is as more and more people are discovering daily, alarmingly common.

In all seriousness, Sleep Apnea affects quite a large amount of the population.

Most effective and popular treatment is the CPAP machine, which is a nasal mask that gives continuous airway pressure.

People who have sleep apnea wake up for a split second to take a breath and restore oxygen and then they fall back having no time for the brain to remember their awakening.

These people have estimated that about one out of ten people with sleep apnea are ever diagnosed. The other 90% live their lives in a state of drowsiness, placing their lives and health in serious danger.

An interesting statistic is 24% of adult men and 9% of adult women have had a sleeping disorder, or sleep apnea syndrome.

Autor : Kevin Morton

Title : End Your Sleep Deprivation

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