Juleigh Sitton - Finding Dr. Burnett

Juleigh Sitton is a legal professional in North Carolina who once served on the Board of Trustees at (c1). While there, she led a national search for a new college President, which ended with the election of Dr. Jim Burnett. Burnett served for eight years and left a positive impact on the students and faculty. In a press release on Western Piedmont community College’s website, they give recognition to Dr. Burnett’s contributions,

“Western Piedmont Community College (WPCC) recently presented Emeritus President status to former president Dr. Jim Burnett to honor his 41 years of service to WPCC including the last eight years as the College’s president.”

And following the announcement was the introduction of a fund in Dr. Burnett’s name:

“In honor of Dr. Burnett’s service and continued commitment to Western Piedmont Community College, the Jim Burnett Endowed Scholarship Fund has been established to help provide professional development opportunities for employees at WPCC. These funds will be used to enhance the skills, programs and services provided by College employees to students. Donations to this fund may be made online by visitingwww.wpcc.edu/foundation.

Western Piedmont Community College is situated in the picturesque rolling foothills of Morganton, North Carolina, and has served the citizens of Burke County since 1964. Each year, more than 10,700 students pursue personal enrichment, new skills for a job or career, high school diplomas, college degrees.”

Juleigh Sitton was proud to be a part of this search, which yielded a respected leader.

Essentials for any Hiking Trips

Properly planning and packing for your hiking trip is important if you want to enjoy a truly exhilarating experience. Most people who go hiking have a set of rules and follow strict guidelines. Knowing what you need to pack when you go hiking will go a long way in making your trip successful. Here are a couple of tips you can use.


When you are going hiking, you must have a map and compass. These two important pieces of equipment are vital and cannot be left out. A couple of other important navigational tools that you might want to include a wrist altimeter and a GPS.

Sun Protection

Since you will be spending most of the day in the sun, protecting yourself from the harsh rays of the sun is very important. Get yourself a good pair of extra-dark glacier sunglasses. You will also need sunscreen, choose one that is SPF 15, but SPF 30 is recommended. The sunscreen should protect you from UVB and UVA rays. Synthetic sun-protection clothes are also important. They are lightweight and offer ultraviolet protection.


On a hiking trip, the weather can change without any warning, so it is best to be prepared. You can carry an additional layer of clothes. Choose the extra clothing according to the season. You can carry an extra pair of underwear, a balaclava or insulating hat, synthetic jacket and an extra pair of socks.


The best option for illumination while hiking is headlamps. They are lightweight, small, have excellent battery life and allow hands-free operation. Headlamps with a strobe mode are particularly useful during an emergency. You might want to carry a flashlight because of its powerful beam and for signaling in case of an emergency. Never forget to carry spare batteries for your headlamp and flashlight. Each person hiking should have their light.

Juleigh Sitton is an active member of three hiking clubs.

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

More people today are moving away from the regular corporate job profile and looking towards becoming an entrepreneur. One of the problems with this is that many who want to become an entrepreneur know nothing about entrepreneurship. In fact being an entrepreneur requires a high level of patience and commitment. Here are a couple of things you need to know about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Risk Tolerance and Tenacity

The process of building a successful business from a thought in your mind takes a certain kind of relentlessness. You will need to have proper plans on how to do things to make your dream become a reality. You will need to wake up each morning and be 100% determined to go through the day and do what needs to be done for your business to come alive. If you are trying to become an entrepreneur because someone else is motivating you, it will not work, and you will not succeed. You will need to have the motivation coming from within you to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Starting a new business has to do a lot with being creative. It requires you to take decisions when you don’t have all the information you need, getting things done with limited resources, and appealing to the needs of the customer you do not know they have. You will need to think of ways to do things you have never done before, you will have to come up with possible solutions and take the best one and implement it in your business.


You will need to extremely passionate about your seeing your business succeed. It means that you did waver when things didn’t work as you expected it to work. You will have to articulate why you believe your idea is the best in ways that are compelling to people, this is crucial as it helps in attracting customers.

Juleigh Sitton has been a successful attorney for over twenty years.

Juleigh Sitton – Legal Consultant

Before moving to Vietnam, Juleigh Sitton worked as a legal consultant in western North Carolina. Independent contracting takes guts, persistence and smarts. It is not easy to leave a secure corporate job and strike out on your own, especially in tumultuous and uncertain times. But according to Juleigh Sitton, deciding to become a consultant – and thereby taking the wheel, directing the vehicle of your life without external annoyance – can be the best career-oriented decision you ever make.

Above a glowing resume, the most successful consultants adopt a few, key habits like unfettered reliability and constant inquisition in order to skyrocket past the competition. Whether you have just started your enterprise or are considering legal consulting, those qualities will propel you to the top.

Independent contractors are unceasingly reliable, always accomplishing tasks by the discussed deadline. If you prove you can’t be depended upon even once, what’s stopping a proprietor from hiring someone else for their consulting work? Nothing. Remaining reliable seems easy, but it’s by far the most difficult and important quality that builds credibility with clients. At the beginning of your career, you will be asked to handle tasks and deliver excellent work with little supervision. The more dependable you are from the start, the more opportunities that will come your way later on.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is essential to a legal consultant’s work; it’s how you understand the issue and develop a comprehensive, original solution. Clients rarely have a problem with providing clarification because they want the work done right. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out if and when you hit an obstacle.

Juleigh Sitton is confident any committed, hard-working attorney can make it as an independent legal consultant.

Juleigh Sitton worked as a municipal attorney for North Carolina’s newest town Fontana Dam. The town was welcomed by North Carolina’s state legislature on June 8th, 2011. Juleigh Sitton worked with Fontana Dam’s town council to implement a new water treatment facility, among other victories, while employed there.

Fontana Dam had been unincorporated since 1941, founded to accommodate local workers and their families during World War II. The TVA Fontana Dam was an essential piece of infrastructure that played a key role in bringing WWII to a close. It is the largest dam in the eastern United States.

Fontana Village Resort is the largest private employer in the county. During the summer, the Resort hires more than one-hundred employees; during winter, the core staff is usually about fifty. But at the time of the incorporation, only thirty residents called Fontana Dam home. Officially incorporating Fontana Dam was a community effort, finally giving residents the rights to be associated with North Carolina’s other cities and towns. The act also allowed the town to access state funds for infrastructure development.

Fontana Village Resort and TVS Fontana Dam host more than one hundred thousand visitors per year. Besides being the most massive dam on the American East Coast, the scenic mountainside community is popular with tourists, especially hikers. JuleIgh Sitton loves to hike; she felt passionately about incorporating Fontana Dam so more people could enjoy the trails and visit the bustling town. She suggests exploring Fontana Dam once in your life. It’s a sight to behold.

Juleigh Sitton – Fontana Dam

Juleigh Sitton

Juleigh Sitton – Hiking Experience

If you have never hiked before, don’t start with the Appalachian Trail. Former member of the Asheville, North Carolina hiking club Juleigh Sitton recommends starting with a less challenging, less inclined course. If you must tow a tent or the hike takes a week, wait on it. Gain some hiking experience before tackling particularly long or expert trails. People think hiking is simple, but according to Juleigh Sitton, nothing could be further from the truth, especially when you’re pushing the envelope.

Hiking provides health benefits for a lifetime and works an assortment of muscles that often go unused. Although many treks are laborious, it doesn’t always have to be. Hiking includes walking around your neighborhood for a few hours on Saturday morning. If you aren’t willing to get into running and severely impact your knees, then hiking is a solid means for maintaining health.

Juleigh Sitton advises beginners to fit the length of your first hiking experience into your day’ allotted free time. Don’t rush anything. Don’t overstimulate yourself either. It will take a few hikes to find your balance. Also, decide beforehand if you want friends to tag along. Hiking solo can be a wonderful time to meditate and be one with nature, but it can be dangerous if something unexpected or dangerous occurs.

She recommends choosing locations that will permit you to fully enjoy your hiking experience and allow you to stop when necessary. Juleigh Sitton is currently working as a teacher in Vietnam, exploring Asian trails and fresh terrain that inspires her every day.

Juleigh Sitton

Juleigh Sitton – Leadership & Success

Leadership comes with a serious, often complicated criteria of responsibilities, and in order to be effective, leaders must embody a number of important qualities. Juleigh Sitton believes leadership and success are invariably connected; while figuring out a unique and viable idea is no easy feat, the ability to execute the idea is what separates success stories from the dreamers.

Debate abounds about whether leaders are born or made, and to some extent an individual must have the capacity to lead. However, persons who cultivate their leadership qualities often become the most cogent, memorable and decisive leaders. According to Juleigh Sitton, an effective leader must be honest and an excellent communicator; he or she must be able to self-assess decisions and abilities as well as be willing to delegate responsibilities and trust counterparts.

A leader’s business or team is a reflection of personal values. If a leader solidifies trustworthiness, communication and integrity as cornerstones of his or her leadership pedagogy, all the underlings will follow suit. In relation, delegating duties is a sign of strength rather than a show of weakness. No leader can expect to do everything or solve every problem.

Also, great leaders are able to take stock of their strengths and pinpoint their weaknesses, which aids in the efficient delegation of responsibilities. Then, the leader must expertly communicate his or her vision to the business or team in addition to job duties. It is imperative everyone is on the same page, under the leader’s wing.

Juleigh Sitton believes leadership and success are one in the same. She urges aspiring leaders to map out a clear path to success. Don’t just be a dreamer. Be a doer.