Juliann Elswick

Mesopotamia project

Mesopotamia has a social class the kings, preist, traders, farmers, and slaves.

Hammurabi code

The Hammruabi code has  282 laws that people had to follow, it was made out of stone, it would be located for the government not the system of writing because government is the right location it is not the system of writing. it was very important to many people, not even that you would have to follow every signal rule so that would be a lot to follow. besides the bad people who got killed for doing something wrong or got locked up for doing something wrong.

This map shows were Mesopotamia rivers are located.  Examples would be the tigris and the Euphrates and other rivers and streams.

The role of the king was establish at some point 3600  BCE.  So the king was very loyal, he was on the top of the pyrimad underneath it would be the priest  and underneath that would be the traders next would e farmers next after that would be the slaves. so, say i had killed the king and i was a slave or a farmer i would get killed also,but if a slave killed a slave no one would really care it would have to be the top royal people.

Slaves would have to do most of the work beside farmers but they wqould have to do the work for the kings and they would have to follow the rules. They really didn't care if the slaves lived or died because they had so many of them. the rulers were so harsh on them if they did something they wasn't suppose to. Slaves did everything besides farming well some did, anyways they would cook, dig , and other things.

This right here is what people use to keep track of the day month an year. it is very useful for everyone. 

This picture shows the symbols that Mesopotamia's wrote. Symbols are very important because we need them in life to read and not to do the same mistake over that the humans did in the past. We should be glad we can do the things we do today because you know what people back then had to survive by looking  for food and shelter but today we can go to the store for food and buy a house for shelter.