Julianne Hough's Healthy-Living Tips

On Eating Healthy

Fresh produce, green smoothies, and healthy snacks are a regular part of Julianne's diet. "Beauty comes from within. Whatever you put in your body — food or anything internally — is going to show up there," she tells WebMD.

Her go-to snacks include iced herbal tea with almonds, hummus, or sliced vegetables with apple-cider vinegar, salt, and pepper. She also is a fan of Harley Pasternak's sweet spinach smoothie. Weeknights, she dines on baked fish and sautéed or roasted asparagus.

On Staying Fit While Traveling

"It's so hard to stay fit while you're traveling, but for me it always makes me feel better on the inside if I've worked out," she tells Women's Health, adding that she had woken up early before her cover shoot to fit in a workout. "It was very early, but I made myself get up and do it and I'm so glad I did!"

On Biking

Always-active Julianne called biking "my new hobby!" earlier this year.

On Indulging

While Julianne normally eats healthfully, she doesn't sweat the occasional indulgence. "If I'm going to splurge, it starts with breakfast: chilaquiles and, just because I want to taste them, pancakes on the side," she tells Self. "Lunch will come, and I'll get fish tacos, maybe guacamole and chips, too. Dinner, I'll say, 'Let's share appetizers,' then we order them all."

On Her Workouts

The former Dancing With the Stars cast member has been dancing since she was little, and she encourages everyone to try out the total-body workout. "Everyone can really benefit from dance — men and women of all shapes and sizes," she tells Fitness. "You can definitely see that on Dancing With the Stars. Everyone becomes so toned and fit, even in places they didn’t know could get toned!”

When she's not dancing, Julianne likes to vary her workouts — she's been a fan of everything from Tracy Anderson Method to SoulCycle, swimming, and running on the treadmill. "I get bored quickly. I like to switch it up," she says.

On Pushing Herself

It's no wonder Julianne was a two-time DWTS champ: when it comes to working out, she's all about pushing herself — not to mention a little friendly competition. "When we work out with a trainer, we’ll die before we stop, like, to the point where we can’t breathe," she says of competing with then-boyfriend Ryan Seacrest in 2012 (in Glamour).

On Maintaining Weight

Gaining 20 pounds once she stopped dancing didn't faze Julianne. "I want to be healthy, I want to have kids and I want to live a long time," Julianne says. "So, I'm eating well, working out and embracing my butt, curvy legs and hips. Besides, if you're too thin, you look older." When she does want to lose a few pounds, however, she cuts out alcohol, sugar, and white flour-based carbs, and adds protein or green shakes to her diet.