Julia Rellou - Contributor to Environmental Causes

Following a career over two decades as a financial executive, Julia Rellou focuses her efforts on supporting environmental and philanthropic causes. The recipient of a certificate in conservation biology and environmental sustainability from Columbia University Earth Institute, Rellou completed additional coursework at the Earth Institute in environmental science and policy. She has contributed to environmental organizations ranging from the Audubon Society, the World Wildlife Fund, and the National Wildlife Federation, to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Earth Policy Institute, Teatown Lake Reservation, and Westmoreland Sanctuary.

Beyond environmentalism, Julia Rellou contributes to community-centered causes and donated three collections of prized family heirlooms worth over $30,000 to a local museum, The New Castle Historical Society.

Prior to concentrating on environmental and philanthropic causes, Rellou held several positions over two decades with JP Morgan Chase. Most recently, she was vice president and group manager of its Financial Planning and Advisory Group. Earlier, Julia Rellou served as vice president and senior financial planner of the Strategic Client Management Division of JPMorgan's Private Bank. Prior to that, Julia Rellou served as vice president and senior relationship manager with the JPMorgan Private Bank.

Julia Rellou has additionally served as adjunct lecturer to undergraduate student classes at the City University of New York, teaching semester-long courses in management, banking, and finance.

# Julia Rellou, Humanist and Environmentalist