Julie Sarka

Experienced Nurse and Administrator

About Julie Sarka

The owner of Nurse Legal Consulting Services in Seminole, Florida, Julie Sarka commands 20 years of patient care and medical services management experience. She comes to her role following nearly 15 years with HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in nearby Largo, where she held leadership positions both on the wards and in an administrative capacity. As rehabilitation liaison and marketer to the business development department, Julie Sarka prepared and arranged educational programming for health care professionals and the public. In addition, she participated in staging a variety of fundraising and awareness-building events across the community, secured privilege agreements with physicians, and was a patient advocate for patients and their caregivers when dealing with insurance companies during the pre-admission authorization process.

During this time, Julie Sarka also served as both an inpatient and an outpatient nurse and held a variety of positions in various departments. She has to date provided nursing care in hospitals throughout Florida's Pinellas County, demonstrating a working knowledge of numerous medical specialties. Sarka has also held a variety of care planning and customer relations positions, including a two-year tenure as an account manager for Meridian Diagnostics. As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC), Bachelor in Science of Nursing (BSN), Registered Nurse (RN), and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), she now leverages her expertise to help clients with legal matters.

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