Julissa Guzman

Makeup Artist and World Traveler

About Julissa Guzman

A resident of New York City, Julissa Guzman has been an independent makeup artist since 2002. She sees her work as an opportunity to empower women by boosting their self-confidence. In addition to providing professional makeup services, Julissa Guzman teaches her clients how to apply makeup themselves, and passes on tips to help them look their best.

In addition to her professional activities, Julissa Guzman is a world traveler. Born in the Dominican Republic, she has made numerous trips to such diverse destinations as France, Greece, China, and Colombia. Traveling also allows her to experience a wide range of cultures. Every country she visits helps her grow as a person, and guides her on her journey of self-discovery. At home in New York, she also enjoys trying a variety of foods from different cultures.

In her free time, Ms. Guzman enjoys reading non-fiction and the novels of Paulo Coelho.

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