July Newsletter


Welcome to our community newsletter!

We are dedicating this to our wonderful residents and friends at The Trails of Valley Ranch Apartment Homes. We will keep building content to share with you every month! Please join us and share with us your ideas, comments, suggestions, we just love a reason to get together.                                                          ~  Terri, Desiree, Ty, Charles, and Cristina.

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Okay folks what is that mark on the last Sunday of July? It's a Pool Party!!! (P-a-r-t-a-y!)  Join us for lots of fun, we will have food, drinks, games, drawings, come and make a splash :)  The whole office staff will be there to share and mingle with your neighbors at The Trails.  For more info ask Desiree or Terri at the leasing office, or post your question on our Facebook page/event, Cristina will answer back in no time.  Wooot Wooot!!

Let's wish a July happy birthday to our TVR residents: Ana, Vikram, Sai, Adnan, Denise, Sanchit, Ajay, Misagh, Molli, Chaitanyam, Lakshmi, Jason.  We hope you enjoy your special day!!    ~The Trails of Valley Ranch



Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

The City of Irving will hold its annual two-part celebration of America’s independence on Saturday, July 4. Thousands of attendees enjoy a variety of activities, including a parade, free children's rides and attractions, food, live music performances and an amazing fireworks display.

More info: http://cityofirving.org/1295/Independence-Day-Para... http://cityofirving.org/1291/Independence-Day-Fire...



Summer time means mosquitoes! Follow these four steps, the Four Ds:

  • Dusk/Dawn – the times of day to stay indoors.
  • Dress – wear long sleeves and long pants when outdoors during these times.
  • DEET – an ingredient to look for when purchasing and using insect repellent.
  • Drain – minimize outside standing water so it does not become a mosquito breeding site.

Learn more about the city’s mosquito control program and see our mosquito control crew in action. To report mosquito control issues, call (972) 721-3755.



We’re No. 1! (From City Spectrum, The city of Irving award-winning monthly newsletter)

Irving is the top place to live if you’re in your 20s, according to WalletHub. The personal finance site recently analyzed the 150 most populated cities and found that Irving’s workforce diversity levels and the high number of entry-level jobs make it the best place for young professionals to live. Read the study online.

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