My Rube Goldberg Machine With Wyatt Martin,and Justin Pace

My Rube Goldberg Machine

I am doing a Rube Goldberg Machine and we are connecting with another group.

I choose this because I enjoyed building it in class.

I want to learn how to make a machine water plants.

I do enjoy building but I have better interests i would prefer to do.

Intro Research [Planning][Entry

I went on google and looked up some cool rube goldberg machines. I also payed attention in class wen we built them. Also thought out my drawing.

Further Introduction Research

I thought about my project drawing and how I am going to set it up.

Questions Answered

What we did today was plan on how we are going to set it up, but we forgot to bring in materials so we cant start. We could get an idea in our heads what its going to look like.

What we are finding out while doing our project

we are making a five step machine. We are not having too much difficuilty building. not quite but we can make it work.

What SPECIAL terms [Techinal] do you need to know?

Pully-has a roller like a hang glide glides down a string.

NEW Questions and Information

I am interesred in finding out how a pullys wheel moves? Also how the cup has enough force to make a wood block over? Also how the string can hold up a cup with a ball in it and the string is held together with tape?

Technical Parts of my project

We are making it start on a clip on the wall. We are using a pully to move. Its going to nock over a block of wood and make a ball move over.

Tech Stuff,Part 2

Once the ball falls over it will roll and make a cup of marbles fall over. The marbles roll in to a bucket and make it hit a string and make a ball roll in to a bucket. We cant make the cup hit the wood on the first try. We need to line up the string better next time.

Abouy the project

Right now we are having some success with the project. It is still having problems. But we can fix them.

The next step

As of now we have completed the whole project. But we will never have it perject. We now need to see if we can combind ours to another.

Did it work

Yes it did work, we had to change it though. It was tough but we got it done.

Extra info

We have started to team up with other groups. We are having them work with us.

Did you have fun

Yes I enjoyed working with the other group and my group mates. We had lots of fun.


We learned that it takes a very long to make a project work. The project will never be perfect. Our project worked out pretty good and we also got to join a group and connected ours and it looked pretty good. No I do not plan on doing this later on in life.

Other info

No body got injured during the workings of the project. It was very fun doing this.

What did I learn

I learned that you will never be perfect on your first try. It takes time to build a perfect machine.

How long did it take

It took a long time and we still had a couple mistakes. We worked every day even if one of us were not ar school.

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2 years ago

Looks great boys, good job! Robin Gill.