Hello Youth Leaders!

Thank you so much for all you do in bringing the youth closer to Christ.  A quick reference to lds.org and the Come Follow Me Curriculum reminds us of our purpose:

"This, then, is your sacred calling—to teach as the Savior taught.  As you do, the youth will give place in their hearts for the seed of the gospel to be planted, to swell, and to grow. This will lead to conversion—the ultimate goal of your teaching. As you help youth become converted, you help them prepare to follow the Savior throughout their lives—to worthily attend the temple, receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, serve missions, make sacred covenants, raise righteous families, and build God’s kingdom in all the world. How great will be your joy!" (click the button below for the complete guide)

As Stake Leaders, we are here to support you in your calling, and we want and need to know how we can help you and your youth specifically.  Please do not hesitate to ask, or to answer us when we ask you! :)

Here are the upcoming stake activities:

Important Youth Conference Info:

Registration Forms have been emailed.  Please have them returned to you by Sunday, June 28, so stake leaders can collect them from you.

Please do not forget to organize your booths for the SECRET Carnival of Life Activity. Here is what you need to know: Each ward will be in charge of the complete booths/games/set-up/prizes, etc… for 2 “worldly” booths and 2 “spiritual” booths (4 total from each ward).  As soon as you have the name/idea, let the stake know, so we make sure not to have any of the same booths.

Keep it SECRET from the youth! :)

Booths Reported thus far:                                                                                           Sharyland YW: Toilet Paper Toss (worldly) and Lehi's Tent (spiritual)

Mission 2 YW: Cotton Candy Booth (W) and Lemonade Service Stand (S)    

Mission 1 YW: Family History Booth (S)

Please comment below with your Booth info and we will all be on the same page!

Thank you sooooo very much for your support with the Stake Mini-Missions! What a tremendous testimony building and conversion opportunity!  Thank you to the members who housed and transported the youth, to the full-time missionaries, particularly the AP Elders and President and Sister Rhoades, and to President Salmond for the mini-MTC training! The closing testimony meeting was powerful and we pray those youth will continue to do those things that will allow that same Power and Spirit to guide them daily as they embark in His service!

We love you and pray for you! Thank you for all you do!

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2 years ago

Booths and titles of booths need to be BIG and INVITING (worldly ones even more) and set up/assembled within about an hour's time on Saturday between 1:00pm and 2:00pm. Please post any questions you have. Thank you!

2 years ago

Rio grande -- spiritual one write notes to missionaries, wet sponge toss, worldly, ballooned pop, worldly, other spiritual one I told you but forgot which one

2 years ago

Use Pinterest, people, for neat and simple, yet fun ideas for the booths, as well as how MAKE a booth/set it up. :)